Thursday, August 26, 2010

Buzz:-Madhu Shalini tending to Tollywood Drug Scandal!.

Madhu Shalini is being dragged to the drug scandal which created much hype of tollywood these days.As per the sources the largest circulation had News paper in Hyderabad had airing that it would bring the dark life of the heroine to the open. Madhu Shalini exploded on the media recently when it was reported that her name was found in the address book of the Ugandan national who was peddling drugs in Hyderabad. The actress has claimed that she was willing to give her blood samples to prove her innocence. This is the claim the paper is contending. It says that blood samples could be forged with the help of the police. Madhu needs to be careful with her uttering, else she could be in for some trouble! For now, the buzz is that she is busy shooting for a Tamil movie in Chennai but those who know Madhu say that she is really a nice girl at heart.