Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hot & Cute heroine still on Top

There are two ways to create an impression. May be with Quantity or with Quality. Fortunately, milk babe tamanna is lucky gal to strike beautiful balance between both and result is that she is still on the top in Kollywood. Though Trisha, Asin away fron South is quoted as a reason for tamanna’s increasing demand, the way she proved herself to be a lucky mascot for producers is worth to be mentioned.

An industry where heroines search for various ways of making speed money, it is known that still tamanna is demanding a fair price of Rs. 80 Lakhs for each movie keeping herself below the One Crore cover, which is cheap relative to heroines with bad track record demanding above One Crore.
With hat trick hits and going not out in Kollywood; tamanna now eyed on Tollywood once again with ‘Badrinath’ and a movie with Naga Chaitanya. This is the new way of doing business and tamanna proved it.