Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jeevitha boosting Golden Annayya!

Testing an old formula for securing hit is not a sin. But, it requires thorough digestion of the formula before getting it onto the shooting. This week release ‘maa annayya bangaram’ is one such movie made from tested brotherhood sentimental formula but opened with a wide spread divided talk. Even Sai Kumar’s dubbing for Rajasekhar still not enough to boost the movie.

Though entire crew of ‘maa annayya bangaram’ has hit the small screen channels trying to offer more publicity for the movie, here is Jeevitha wife of Rajasekhar alone talking more about the movie. ‘When story was narrated to my husband, I was the first who said him to go forward with the movie as this would appeal family audience alot,’ said Jeevitha who has nothing to do with the movie.
Audience sitting infront of the TV sets are coming up with question mark faces looking at Rajasekhar being the hero sitting calm and quite to a corner while Jeevitha is boosting this ‘Golden Annayya’ for her ‘Golden Husband.’