Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kalyan Ram’s Movie Title "Katti" in Controversy!.

Kalyan Ram’s current film tentative tile is considered as Katti by director Malli.But producer Danayya had already registered the title. So, NTR Arts, that produces Kalyan Ram’s current film has decided to go Mahesh Babu’s way - like what producer C Kalyan did for Mahesh Babu’s film. When some other producer registered Khaleja title and the said producer refused to give the name to them, producer C Kalyan went ahead and named it as Mahesh Khaleja.Taking cue from this, Kalyan Ram has decided to do the same by putting Kalyan Ram’s name - Kalyan Ram Katti. But to their dismay, they came to know that film chamber no longer accepts such prefixes. Just couple of days back, Film Chamber has put a new rule that if a similar sounding title comes, the producers should bring No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the producer who originally registers it.

Per example: if a producer registered a title like Trupti first. And if another producer comes and tries to register Shakeela Trupti, he should bring NOC letter from ‘Trupti’ producer.

Kalyan Ram is now in fix and is on the look out for another title. So his new film is not Katti.