Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kamalini eyeing on Kammula again

Maverick director Sekhar Kammula hasn’t come alone to industry. He brought with him the fresh Bengali beauty kamalini mukherjee. It was all happies for both as ‘Anand’ brought them close to Telugu hearts. Continuing his image Sekhar preferred Kamalini to all other heroines making her play lead and key roles in all his hit movies.

Once Sekhar started eyeing on other Bengali babes, Kamalini’s career touched the tragic barriers and presently her name is on the verge of total disappearance. Brahmanandam Drama Company and Maa Annayya Bangaram are the movies which made her to loose the character and image which she builded from ‘Anand.’ Lifeless characters in these movies are known to have made Kamalini to learn the lesson and she is known to be once again looking at Sekhar Kammula for a break. Will Sekhar offer a new direction to her career? Let us see…