Sunday, August 8, 2010

' KomaramPuli 'Censor next week

Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Komaram Puli’ completes its postproduction next week and the movie might be censored next week. ‘Komaram Puli’ is currently undergoing post production – DTS Mixing and editing work and the first copy is expected by next week.

Sources say that ‘Komaram Puli’ Producer Singanamala Ramesh Babu is planning to the movie censored around August 11 and plan the movie release by August 18 or 19.

Also, logistics play a crucial role in ‘Komaram Puli’ release since more than 800 prints need to be dispatched to all theatres. Komaram Puli audio has already created records and fan base is desperate to watch their favorite hero pawan Kalyan’s movie ‘Komaram Puli’.