Saturday, August 7, 2010

Prakash Raj roled in to Mahesh -Sreenu VaitlaS Project

Mahesh Babu-Sreenu Vaitla’s project is the pivotal role to be played by one of the top actors. Srihari was considered earlier for this role but the latest reports claim that the same has now gone to Prakash Raj. As you all know Srihari is Sreenu Vaitla’s favourite, but as per the sources, the role in this film is aptly designed one only for Prakash Raj. Thus they decided on Prakash Raj in place of Srihari. With Samantha as leading lady opposite Mahesh and music by Thaman, the movie would kick of some time in mid-August. This is the Production No. 2 for 14 Reels Entertainment banner.