Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rajinikanth cheated Mega Star

Speaking on the occasion of ‘Robot’ audio release in Hyderabad, Chiranjeevi who was the chief guest for the event looked to be in a dire shock after watching the trailers of movie.

‘Rajinikanth has cheated me in one issue. Thinking that he will make his political debut in Tamilnadu, I was hurried up and made my political entry. But, my thought has gone wrong and I was cheated. Now, he became Robot while Iam still trying to impress Shankar. From the times of ‘Gentleman,’ I was requesting Shankar to direct one for me and Iam still waiting for a positive reply for him.

After watching ‘Robot’ trailers, Iam forcing myself to make a re-entry into movies. Hopefully, ‘Robot’ will be an inspiration for my next movie,’ said Chiru.

While Shankar said, ‘Rajinikanth sir is a great hero. He is nothing less than world famous Hollywood hero Jack Nicholson. There are nearly 1500 graphical shots in ‘Robot’ which will raise the standards of Indian movie making.’
With these many number of surprises, let us hope that ‘Robot’ create new wonders on Indian screen.