Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rakta Charitra in its final leg of Shooting!.

Although all the big movies like Robot, Komaram Puli and Khaleja are hitting in few weeks, Ram Gopal Varma is coming up with his faction film, Rakta Charitra in September. He finished the entire shooting part of the film to be released in two parts for the first time in India. Ram Gopal Varma says this is very important film in his career and also a film that he enjoyed filming it the most.

RGV said: “Never in my career I felt such an exhilaration and a strange sense of a mixture of both a release and a relief through any film I have done so far in my career. It’s not so much for the film but for the fact that I traveled all this time with each of all the various characters of Rakta Charitra and their emotions and now I feel that with the last shot I have reached them to their destinations or atleast to their destinations as conceived and perceived by me.

More than the audience I am actually dying to see, know and feel the reactions of the real people from whom its characters are inspired from. I feel this attempt of mine will be hugely worth while if they even think, feel, realize, and learn a little something from Rakta Charitra about themselves and more importantly about their adversaries.”