Monday, August 23, 2010

Tollywood biggie release Tentative Dates!.

Robo, Mahesh Khaleja, Komaram Puli and Brindavanam are the four big films that are going to be released soon. Komaram Puli which was supposed to release on 11 August is yet to be released. Though the next tentative date is 3 September, the release on that day is unlikely. Some people are saying that it might release in the second week of September and some others are saying that the release might happen in the first week of October. Since Komaram Puli and Khaleja are produced and distributed by S Ramesh and Allu Arvind respectively, there will be a healthy distance of at least 3 weeks between these two films. The music of Brindavanam is going to be released on 3 of September. The movie release is expected to be the in the last week of September. Though Robo date is confimed on 23 September, there are rumors that it might be postponed to Dasara which will fall in the second week of October. It’s going to be an uncertain time for the releases in the next month. Lets hope that all these four big films will released with a healthy gap.