Friday, September 17, 2010

Kommaram Puli Collections Grossed 15 Cr in first week

Kommaram Puli Released as a much hype movie and started its journey with negative talk.Singanamala Ramesh said that the film got Rs 15.8 Crores in the first week. In a press note issued to the media, he gave the following collections..
Collections Area Wise

Nizam: Rs 4,76,60,000
Ceded: Rs 3,27,43,000
Vizag: Rs 1,51,15,000
E.Godavari: Rs 1,03,84,000
W.Godavari: Rs 1,05,22,000
Krishna: Rs 1,10,07,000
Guntur: Rs 1,58,10,000
Nellore: Rs 76,05,000

Total: Rs 15,08,46,000