Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Prabhu Deva to marry Nayan as Prakash & Pony?

Bollywood normally sets the trend there is a subtle difference between what’s happening in Mumbai and that of south. Bollywood is infested with live-in relationships and every now and then there will be news on their changing the partners. But in south the partners change with proper divorce from the concerned.

Nagarjuna set the trend in his marriage with Amala, followed by Pawan Kalyan with Renu Desai and most recently Prakash Raj with Pony Varma. Now, yet another famous personality has fallen into the trap. It is Prabhu Deva. The rumors of his relationship with Nayantara were in the air with vehement denials from both the sides only to get caught by every passer-by whenever they are seen in public. Ultimately things seem to be taking shape with Prabhu Deva filing for a divorce. So one plus one being equal to two, the media is now buzz with the developments and is eagerly awaiting the news of Prabhu Deva tying a knot to Nayantara.

If this happens, next to Jyothika the south film industry will loose yet another actress at the helm.Source:Ragalahari