Friday, September 17, 2010

'Saradaga Kasepu' & Adi Nuvve Movie Releasing Today Posters

Saradaga Kasepu and another new love story titled Adi Nuvve are hitting the screens this weekend. Both this movies would release on Friday, Sept 17, in Andhra Pradesh.

Saradaga Kasepu stars Allari Naresh and Madhurima as lead pair, while Avasarala (of Asta Chemma fame) plays another key role. Chakri has scored the music. This is Naresh’s first film with Vamsi.

Adi Nuvve stars Chaitanya (who acted in films like Sneha Geetam and Ninnu Kalisaka) and Aksha (Ride, Yuvata fame) as the lead pair and it is directed by Veeraprasad Neelam.