Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tollywood Big Movies Releases in Trouble in Jan 2011

Tollywood is going through severe stress and an unknown fear factor as producers are willing to get their movies ready for release with in December 2010 at any cost. Yes, it is all the effect of srikrishna Report and the Telangana issue.

Although November and December have a flurry of releases, the situation that is to prevail in Tollywood after December 30, 2010 is unpredictable. In any case, if the Report comes against to the wishes of Telangana, entire Film industry will have to suffer an irrecoverable loss as Tollywood is one major sector T-forces are to target upon and so the new fear started to grip.

With Pongal releases like Parama Veera Chakra, Nenu Naa Rakshasi, Mirapakai, Mr. Perfect queued up, veteran film maker Tammareddy Bharadwaj feels like it is tough to escape the Telangana wave this time. ‘Time by which the Telangana issue will be resolved will decide the amount of pain Tollywood will have to go through, if Srirkishna comes against the wish of Telangana people. Surely, the situations in Telangana will not be the same and we shall be prepared for the worst,’ feels Tammareddy. Be optimistic and let us wish that everything settles down peacefully.