Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Anushka in Legal troubles.

anushka 296x300 Anushka in Legal troubles.

Vizag district court has issued summons to heroine Anushka to appear in the court on 26th December. This is regarding a case regsitered against Anushka by an NRILingamurthy on a land row.

Anushka has purchased some land near Madhurawada- near Vizag from a person Bullireddy a year ago. The land belongs to Lingamurthy but Bullyreddy sold it again to Anushka. So Lingmurthy went to court on this. Anushka was asked to appear beforethe court several times but she didn’t turn up nor did she try to settle the matter out of the court. So Bhimlee court issued summons today