Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Anushka urges youth to use condoms

Anushka Shetty Picture 300x223 Anushka urges youth to use condoms


Andhra mirchi, Anushka is raising condom awareness among the youth. The sexiestSouth Indian actress attended an event organized by Matrix head Nimmagadda Prasad to raise the AIDS awareness. Speaking to media she said

“These days the young men are having many relationships in their life. Though the social organizations tried change the youth regarding this, there has been no significant change according to the statistics. All the youth has to do is buy a pack of condoms and always keep with them like a cell phone.”

Anushka should be commended for her participation in a noble cause. We hope more and more celebrities contribute a little for social cause for the betterment of life on planet.