Sunday, December 12, 2010

AW Comment: Does Jagan Fear For Viveka?

Is the former Kadapa MP YS Jaganmohan reddy fearful of the phenomenon of his paternal uncle and vivekananda reddy, ys jagan mohan reddyagriculture minister YS Vivekananda reddy (Viveka)? Is he not confident enough to take on the brother of the late chief minister YSR in the Pulivendula bye-election?

The first decision Jagan took after he parted ways with Viveka shows the former in a poor light in so far his determination to grow politically in the state is concerned. It is true that he wanted to become the chief minister soon after the sudden demise of his father in copter crash and with that purpose only he came out of the congress now.

Having interest in state politics and in order to get elected to the state assembly, he asked his mother to resign from the Pulivendula seat while he resigned from Lok Sabha. His idea is to contest from Pulivendula in the bye-election and enter the assembly.

Jagan however seems to have changed his mind soon after Viveka announced his readiness to take on any one in Pulivendula bye-election and indicated that his mother would contest for the assembly and he would contest for the Lok Sabha seat from Kadapa.

The decision of Jagan has certainly sent a signal that he has made a tactical mistake by changing his priorities overnight. What will he do by going to parliament when he wants to become the chief minister?

Is it because he fears the clout of his uncle Viveka in the Pulivendula assembly constituency? Viveka represented the assembly seat twice and the Lok Sabha seat twice in the past and built up his own reputation and Jagan might have surely feared he would not be able to take on his uncle.

The decision indicates that he is running away from the assembly bye-election due to fear of being defeated by his uncle. If Jagan has also announced his readiness to take on his uncle, every one would have appreciated his determination irrespective of the result but now the feeling one gets is he is not capable of facing tough situations. It also reveals his poor decision making abilities.

Jagan may be the son of YS Rajasekhara reddy but surely he is not that much determined as his late father is.