Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Harbhajan cought red handed with Geeta Basra

Harbhajan Geeta Basra Harbhajan cought red handed with Geeta Basra
We all know that turbunator Harbhajan Singh is dating Bollywood heroine Geeta Basra. Though both denied any kind of relationship between them, they often spotted together publicly and privately. But latlely both parted ways with misunderstandings and maintained distance for some time.
But, it looks like they patched up. Recently Harbhajan Singh and Geeta Basra were again spotted together at a 5-star hotel in suburban Mumbai.
Today Harbhajan left for South African tour.Before him leaving the country, Geeta and Bhajji were seen entering the hotel together, they even came in same car however after seeing a camera man, Geeta started ignoring the whole scenario and started acting as if she doesn’t even know Bhajji, however Mumbai based tabloid, Mumbai Mirror’s photographer did manage to capture two in his camera.