Friday, December 3, 2010

Interview With Taapsee

tapsee Interview With Taapsee

Taapsee Pannu Taapsee Pannu means the female meditator explains the debut actress of Manoj’s latest film Jhummandi Naadam. Taapsee has been Miss India 2008, before that she had done innumerable print advertisements, promoted various brands before signing K. Raghavendra Rao’s 105th film. Bored of modeling, Taapsee says acting is lot more creative and challenging and after signing on the dotted line she googled for thedirector’s history and was more than happy for choosing the film.

So is she rolling over fruits and flowers, which is a trademark of the directors’ film, she smirks and says that times are changing and the director has changed too. The audience will find fruits obviously but they’ll be surprised to see a new Raghavendra Rao. She adds that she’s been to his office and even that place is decorated with apples, pears and you name it!

So what is this film about? One hears it is a musical and it has umpteen songs. The hero is a struggling singer, a poor guy who wants to make it big in the music world and he falls for the actress who is an NRI and is in India to do a documentary on traditionalmusic. All love stories go through rough weather and after the couple have their share of angst, they finally unite.

Taapsee had an easy time with the first scene on first day, she says, “A couple of dancers took a pumpkin and rotated it while I stood smiling. I guess it’s about nazar utarna. Later it was fun working. The producer Lakshmi who is the hero’s sister handpicked jewellery and costumes and even used her personal accessories for my scenes, summoned make-up men from Mumbai, they made me feel like a queen.”

The actress gushes about the transformation, the metamorphosis she went through on screen She asked the director if he made her look pretty or if she is naturally looking good. He replied that she was one of the best looking actress he ever worked and that was a stupendous compliment. It wasn’t just about being decked and smiling at the camera, Taapsee danced in the hot sun in Tirupathi for a Sankranthi song when the temperature soared to 45 degrees. She is optimistic that all the hard work will pay off one day. She is apparently a trained Kathak dancer for eight years and for the past four years she’s been with the batch of Shiamak Davar training as an instructor.

Any memorable moments while filming? Oh yes she quips. The unit had been in Araku, the forest area and one fine evening Manoj dressed up in a chimpanzee suit scared and scandalized everyone. He is blessed with amazing energy she avers and signs off, movie is going to rock for sure, the film has all the comedians from the industry.”