Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jagan Disowns Surekha’s Allegations

Former minister Pilli Subhash Chandra Bose and a hardcore loyalist of the former Kadapa MP Mr YS Jaganmohanjagan mohan reddy,ys jagan,ys jagan mohan reddyreddy today said that Jagan has noting to do with the allegations leveled by former minister Konda Surekha against KVP Ramachandra rao, Rajya Sabha MP and a close friend the late YSR.

Speaking at a media conference in Hyderabad, Bose said Surekha made the allegations in her personal capacity and not at the instance of Jagan. “Jagan has nothing to with the allegations and in fact the allegations of Surekha have caused bitter anxiety to Jagan,” Bose said and added that KVP continues to be the well wisher of YSR family.

It may be recalled Konda Surekha alleged in an open letter and also at a press conference yesterday that KVP was responsible for the death of YSR and charged him with diverting the Jalayagnam funds without the knowledge of YSR. Calling him a broker and schemer, Surekha said KVP had taken YSR for granted and colluded with the then irrigation minister Ponnala Lakshmaiah. She also called for a CBI enquiry into his properties and blamed him for the divisions in the YSR family.