Monday, December 6, 2010

Kiran Wants Sri Krishna To Delay Report

kiran kumar reddy,chief minister of ap

Chief Minister Kirankumar reddy is reportedly trying to get the submission of the Justice Sri Krishna Committee report delayed by three months in order to get some sort of hold on the affairs of the state.

Sources said Kirankumar has been reportedly lobbying for delaying the submission using his contacts with the party high command in Delhi. The committee has a deadline of December 31 to submit its report on the issue of Telangana.

Kiran seems to be thinking that he needed some time, say at least three months, to consolidate himself as the chief minister in order to tackle the situations. He feels that Seema Andhra people will agitate if the report is favourable to Telangana. In such a case, Telangana people too will agitate for its quick implementation. T groups and parties will however agitate in the event of an unfavourable report.

In the wake of these prospective developments, the chief minister feels that he needed time before the submission of the report to equip politically to deal with different situations in the state.