Sunday, December 12, 2010

Konda Couple Distancing From Jagan

Political gossip mongers are of the view that Konda Surekha, former minister and the self declared loyalist of jagan mohan reddy,jagan,ys jagan mohan reddythe former Kadapa MP YS Jaganmohan reddy, has been planning to distance herself from Jagan and as a pre planned move, she has attacked the late YSR’s friend KVP Ramachandra Rao by writing an open letter against him and repeating the allegations at a media conference yesterday without the knowledge of Jagan.

Sources said that Surekha’s husband Konda Murali has become very close to the chief minister Kirankumar reddy in the recent days and both had met twice and discussed some issues. It is said that Kirankumar doesn’t like KVP at all and asked the Konda couple to write such an open letter to blame KVP. Such a letter is bound to cause anger to Jagan creating a distance between him and Surekha. The Konda couple might be looking for such a situation exactly.

It is also said that the Konda couple decided to keep off Jagan gradually and are looking for some convenience. Hence, they have readily agreed to the suggestion of CM to target KVP. It might be mentioned that Surekha has been repeatedly telling that they would make Jagan agree for the demand of separate Telangana knowing full well that he won’t agree for separate Telangana being a hard core protagonist of united AP.

It would be easier for Surekha to come out of the Jagan group blaming him that he was not willing for Telangana.

Her yesterday’s remarks that she would continue to fight on behalf of Jagan while continuing in congress if necessary strengthen these rumours. It is now a matter of days before the Konda couple disowns Jagan switching loyalties for their political survival.