Sunday, December 12, 2010

Magadheera successfully runs for 500 days

magadheera Magadheera successfully runs for 500 days

TFI’s biggest block buster ever “Magadheera” completes a successful run for 500 days today. Nothing much to say about the records this Rajamouli’s magnum opus has broken and the money that has poured in for Allu Aravind. There is a huge celebration going on.Mega fans are celebrating it in a grand style at Lakshmi Theater for running their favorite star Ram Charan’s movie “Magadheera” for 500 days successfully.

It has already created a record in that particular theater as no other film has run for an year and above earlier. Undoubtedly, this record is going to be safe as one cannot expect that any other film would break “Magadheera”‘s record in the near future.