Thursday, December 2, 2010

Merupu will be "Arupu" in his life

‘Merupu’ movie may be the attention grabbing subject for the reason of Mega Power Star Ramcharan being the hero and Dharani, the director. We do have one more name called devisri prasad which is heard after a long time in industry. Yes, the entry of Thaman S into the field has pushed Devi to the corner and others call it the budgetary aspect which worked the market in favor of Thaman.

Devi is determined and not to give up at this time and is showing that extra zeal and working very hard for ‘Merupu’ tunes which can be rated best in his career. Devi who wants a desperate success to comeback is sharing his views with friends calling ‘Merupu’ as ‘Arupu’ movie in his entire career. Though completed working for Kamal Hasan’s ‘Manmada Banam,’ Devi strongly believes that Ramcharan will get the super hit audio and the best one in his career till date.