Monday, December 6, 2010

Naga Babu Takes Potshots At Film Directors

nagababu in mirapakaya audio release function

‘Orange’ movie producer Naga Babu lambasted the movie directors saying they have become like viruses harming human bodies. Speaking at the audio releasing function of ‘Mirapakay’ on Sunday, Naga Babu said that if the film directors continue their habit of exploiting producers, the Telugu film industry will disappear completely one day.

“If the trend continues, Tollywood becomes part of history soon turning it into a thing of the past for future generations. There are directors who cannot say how many days a project would take to complete,” an angry Naga Babu said.

Naga Babu’s anger should be understood in the wake of his latest movie ‘Orange’ with almost being declared a disaster by film circles. ‘Orange’ movie budget has reportedly skyrocketed three to four times due to ill planning and reckless expenditure.

He said many producers are leaving the field as they are unable to bear the brunt of financial losses just because of film directors. “Please also let the producers live,” he requested the directors.