Monday, December 6, 2010

Rajendra Prasad rocks in the role of Nityananda

rajendra prasad nityananda Rajendra Prasad rocks in the role of Nityananda

Dr Rajendra Prasad, Sivaji starrer ‘Ayyare’ under the direction of a debutant, Sagar Chandra with producers B Sudhakarbabu and Rangana Achappa under the banner of Preetham Productions has completed 80% of its shooting and the final film gets ready by first half of December. Anisha Singh is playing the leading lady in the film.

Dr Rajendra Prasad is playing the role of a swamiji (inspired from Nityananda) in the film and the unit members of the film reveals that the actor has lived in this respective role and audience will definitely appreciate him.

Speaking to the media the producers says, “The film is an out and out entertainer. The story and the concept would be very innovative, novel and attractive. Especially, the performance of Dr Rajendra Prasad as Swamiji would attract all classes of audiences. He has done a great job. The audiences would get a smile on his face, the momentthey saw him in the attire. The entire Ashram episode would be very entertaining.”