Sunday, December 12, 2010

Roja Wooing Kamma, Kapu Leaders For Jagan

Former Kadapa MP YS Jaganmohan reddy has reportedly hit upon a plan to attract Kamma and Kapu leaders roja,former kadapa mp jagan followerinto his fold in order to remove the stigma that his party would be a reddy-oriented one. Jagan’s main aim is to bring into his party disgruntled Kamma and Kapu leaders of the TDP from Guntur and Krishna districts as a first installment.

Jagan, who already got the former TDP leader and cine actress Roja into his fold, has given her the responsibility of wooing Kamma and Kapu TDP leaders into the new party. Roja, as a TDP leader and president of the Telugu Mahila in the past toured the entire state and established good relations with most of the TDP leaders.

She presently seems to be on the job of wooing some important leaders into the fold of Jagan using her contacts and the first indication came through reports that Makineni Pedarattaiah , a Guntur district Kamma leader is showing interest to join the Jagan bandwagon.

Roja has become an important leader now in the inner ring of Jagan after Ambati Rambabu and following his instructions, she seems to be meeting some Kapu leaders also in Guntur district with a request to join the Jagan party. We have to wait for some more days whether or not Roja will be successful in her trails to bring some capable Kamma and Kapu leaders into the Jagan fold.