Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Shriya is careless actress

shriya Shriya is careless actress

Sexy Siren Shriya Saran is hopping venues promoting her recent Tamil release Chikku Bukku with Arya. So much so that she is too busy to even take care of her own belongings. She had earlier lost her bag with all her personal belongings including shoes, dress, and clothes while boarding the Emirates flight. But surprisingly she received her bag back the next day. She also thanked her fans for the same saying, “Thanks for all your concern and love.”

But now things are back to square one and reportedly the actress left her backpack again at another airport. The lovely lass looked very concerned about her loss as there are some valuables in it , and her only hope is that the miracle repeat’s itself.

“I am very careless” confessed a worried Shriya.

We hope that someone returns her belongings as soon as possible and would advise her too be more careful in the future.


Anonymous said...

Sexy girls can be careless.