Monday, December 6, 2010

Trisha’s dream come true

trisha Trishas dream come true

Trisha who acieved stardom in acting career is a big fan of A R Rhaman and his muisc. She has long time life dream is to sing in the music of A R Rahman. Trisha is now happy that her dream is likely to be fulfilled soon.

She is going to dub for Manmadhan Ambu because of the serious training given byKamal Haasan. She has sung a poetic song which is featuring in the audio CD of Manmadhan Ambu. In future she is going to dub in her own voice in her forthcoming films.

In order to improve her voice, she is going to classical music systematically. Her mothersays,’ She will learn everything fast. She learnt swimming, yoga and diving with ease.’ Trisha might approach A R Rahman after learning classical music.